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Pruning Services Bridgend

Pruning Services Bridgend can clear a garden for you, breaking up and removing unwanted garden structures, clearing overgrown plants and ground foliage, pruning trees or a complete removal of trees, bushes and more which are in the way for upcoming projects. With a complete clearance process using high quality tools, and all of our services include leaving your garden neat and tidy.

We can control the growth, define shape, create flowering, improve air circulation to reduce the chance of infection to any fruit trees and probably most importantly to remove dead, damaged or diseased areas of the area.


Pruning can help to re-create the shape of the plant that you want, direct growth in a way that suits you. Espalier pruning can "force" fruit trees to grow in a way that enables you to reach the fruit easily and not have to get ladders or climbing equipment out when it is time to reap your harvest.

We remove selected parts of the plant to restrict its size and "persuade" it to grow in a particular shape. This can encourage more fruit, flowers or stems to grow. Pruning is known as quite an 'expert' job, but we are confident in fulfilling doing an excellent job for you. When pruning the removal of a diseased, broken, crossing and crowded branch is often sufficient for most plants.

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