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Garden Shed Building Bridgend

We build amazing garden sheds, summer houses, tree houses and garden rooms for our customers around Bridgend and the South Wales area. Everything we do at garden services Bridgend is done with incredible care and craftsmanship as we know how important it is to you and your home. Our committed team build every one of our timber buildings by hand. We source all the materials that we use from sustainable forests. All of our sheds are 100% pressure treated which will help sustain the life of your shed.

When you choose one of our sheds, the choice where to locate doors and windows is completely up to you. Of course if you have already purchased a shed in kit form then there will be fewer options from which to choose; however you are the boss- we never forget that. We provide great service for all of our customers. All prices and quotes given are inclusive of VAT.


Why a garden shed?

They add extra character and charm to your garden; it can even create a unique and distinctive look to your garden. We can erect a shed or summer house for you which can be an architectural focal point of your garden and give you the ideal get away place.

You are able to choose sheds in an array of materials, shapes and sizes. We can offer ideas for the best shed which you may need if you are not 100% sure about exactly what you need.

If the garden shed is simply for extra space, for example, a place to keep your lawn mower or garden tools, we can also make the shed secure from thieves. Remember that the traditional garden shed is also a great hideaway for those times when you are in the dog house! We can create a hideaway where you will be undisturbed or simply get away for a couple of hours.

The wooden sheds blend into the environment around them better than other sheds on the market such as metal and plastic sheds. One distinct advantage of using wooden sheds is that they can be stained or painted to suit your needs.

Tree Houses Bridgend

We are also able to make tree houses for you or your children as well as play houses, garden rooms, summer houses and the like. The opportunities are limited only by your imagination and budget. We can supply plenty of great ideas to make that dream come to life or simply to create some useful space outdoors that would otherwise have been wasted.

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